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Who We Are
Hacker Village

funsized has been playing or running hacking villages since 2010. Unable to pick one hobby, he decided to try as many as he could. He enjoys robotics, software defined radios, machining, tamper evident devices, hardware hacking and juggling. He’s also an avid foodie, and will talk cooking with anyone who asks.

twitter @zjpahle instagram @zjpahle
RaiseMe Careers

Lori joined her first Internet startup as a senior system administrator. When that company went public, she was hooked, and helping smaller firms prevail against well established rivals has been her passion ever since. She is currently COO at a company that specializes in technical consulting and training. Lori is also a mother of five. Between the kids, the dog, and the horse, she is grateful for a full and happy home, and the occasional escape to the woods with her husband.

twitter @itdirector linkedin Lori Barfield
Creative Director

Barbi aka cinnamonflower is a graphic designer by trade, but she’s always gravitated socially toward the IT world. She met Funsized in an elevator at Defcon 25, and she wouldn’t let him leave her sight until he gave her his twitter handle. A few weeks later, Funsized approached Barbi with the opportunity to collaborate in the newly-hatched idea of ShellCon, and she jumped at the chance, because she’d always wanted to work on graphics for an InfoSec convention. ShellCon is her labor of love, and when she’s not designing, she enjoys digging in her garden, talking to strangers, and recounting exaggerated stories at cocktail party gatherings.

twitter @cinnamonflower linkedin Barbi Neth
Infrastructure & Website

Davie wasn’t so much born as assembled in the Cisco factory. After a rogue network engineer gave him life, Davie set about finding his purpose in the real world. Traversing from subnet to subnet, he is always looking for new ways that he can bring his networks togther, both IRL and on the net. His hobbies include building crazy live disks, ferret racing, and hanging out in trashcans.

twitter @daschu117 linkedin David Hunter

Jarrad is a sysadmin with a passion for Linux, scripting, and security. He enjoys watching rocket launches, reading science fiction, and talking about anything space-related. If you shout “SHAKES” he will probably follow you to Denny’s for some milkshakes. He loves milkshakes.

Public Relations

Sónia, a.k.a. mermaid, is our natural born networker and media maven. She can usually be found in a large group of people organizing her next adventure. Be it a SCUBA diving trip to Belize, visiting her homeland of Portugal, or a picnic at the beach, this water baby likes to have water in sight, a plan of action, and her little dog by her side.

twitter @mermaidnets linkedin Sónia D. Castro
Social Media Manager

Red (she/they) is joining us from Seattle as our Social Media Manager! red has been in InfoSec for 5 years and has a wide range of experience in security, from pen testing to developing policy and risk management programs. They are passionate about making space for underrepresented minorities and fighting the patriarchy.

twitter @alkalinered
The Badger

Stelle (she/they) is a SOC puppet powered by a 24v rail and Monsters. In her free time she’s often found fixing things from cars to guitars, and she’s always looking for her next project. An information sponge who’s always happy to learn somenthing new, or share her knowledge. Stelle is also into biohacking, coffee and making the world suck less.

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