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ShellCon After Dark

We’ve gathered an amazing lineup of DJ’s that will be playing through the evening and into the new day each night. We’ll be running these over on our brand new Twitch channel.

All times are in Pacific Daylight Time (UTC-0700).

Artist Sound clound Twitter
1900 Mattrix N/A @mattrix_
2000 DJ Michael Insane  
2100 MassAccelerator @dmertl
2200 Icetre Normal @aniabeenz
2300 Ninjula @CountNinjula
0000 DJ Headshot @HeadshotTweets
0100 shadoxx after party @dickquest
Artist Sound clound Twitter
1930 crash @criznash
2030 JDuB @jdub_0
2130 SecBarbie
2230 Riley Gein @rileygein
2330 Fuzzynop @FuzzyNop
0030 Miss Jackalope @djjackalope
0130 shadoxx after party @dickquest

All times are in Pacific Daylight Time (UTC-0700).

Schedule of DJs

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