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ShellCon is an information security conference that is held annually in the beautiful beach cities of Los Angeles.


Create and cultivate opportunities within the information security community for hackers and professionals to learn and grow their technical skills and knowledge.


Provide talks and workshops to increase communal knowledge and facilitate collaboration in problem solving with contests and challenges. Encourage free information exchange and discussion at all levels of understanding.


Be the bridge between people just starting out in information security and talented leaders in the industry. Build a diverse group of like-minded individuals focused on building each other up and creating a healthy environment that promotes learning and creativity.


Assist infosec professionals with finding jobs that match their skill level and provide opportunities to learn new skills and grow careers. Introduce new individuals to the world of infosec and provide a pathway to the next level of expertise.

That’s a really fancy way of saying we love hackers and the infosec community.

We organize community events in the Greater Los Angeles area that focus on hacking, information security, and bringing like-minded people together to create cool stuff. We are currently in the planning stages for ShellCon 2020. Interested in helping out or sponsoring? Check out our contact page.

Annual Conference

Our yearly conference is a growing event that is focused on creating an atmosphere of open communication, collaboration, and connection. We value community, technical knowledge, and getting your hands dirty. We want you to walk away from ShellCon with an itch to try what you just learned and the knowledge to do so. Presentations and events at the con will have a focus on practicality and real world use.


We are interested in helping professionals attain their goals for careers and learning. RaiseMe is an effort to help people improve resumes and interview skills and connect them with hiring managers at companies that are in need to talented individuals.

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