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RaiseMe Testimonials

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Resume Review

  • “I got a higher paying job because of the resume review I got at ShellCon”
  • “I was asking for help because, after 15 years in infosec, a temporary health problem put a gap in my resume timeline and suddenly I was getting less favorable responses to my resume than what I was used to.”
  • “Shout out to @itdirector from @ShellConLA’s #RaiseMe non-profit effort. Her feedback totally clarified the problems with my old resume. Today was day 2 of my new web app security job!”
  • “That was a big help. It helped me get a clearer picture of where I want to take my infosec career. This also resulted in me getting a clearer picture of the sorts of infosec jobs I didn’t want to focus on. [The consultant’s] advice and feedback on my resume totally changed my thinking and enabled me to develop a clear path, goals, and of course an accompanying study curriculum.”

Mock Interview

  • “Not having had much interview experience and never having had a technical interview, I thought it best to do at least one mock interview. The Raise Me advisor explained the industry methods for interview and how to answer questions honestly but confidently. I had a “general HR” and a technical mock interview. The extra harsh presentation of the Raise Me advisor made the real interview seem like a cake walk and helped to fully prepare me with potential questions and how to prep for those questions.”

Career Consulting

  • “As a Security Professional who took some years off to be full time with my kids, I had some doubts about how to reenter the competitive workforce. After talking to [the consultant], I felt completely energized, she really empowered me with her advice….Highly highly recommend it.”

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