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  • Track: Main Channel: Friday 10/09 @ 1400-1455 PDT

This demo-heavy talk with teach you how to attack a Kubernetes cluster, with a new Bust-a-kube scenario themed on the movie, “Inception.” You’ll see a four-stage attack that starts by gaining access in a low-privileged container that was built from a typo-squatted library. From there, we’ll find ourselves in a Kubernetes cluster within a Kubernetes cluster, as with Inception’s “dream within a dream.” You’ll learn how to break this attack with multiple defeneses, including OPA Gatekeeper. Afterward, practice the attack and defense with the open source Bustakube cluster.

Jay Beale works on Kubernetes and cloud native security, both as a professional threat actor and as a co-lead of the Kubernetes project’s security audit working group. He’s the architect of the Peirates attack tool for Kubernetes, as well as the @Bustakube Kubernetes cluster. Beale created Bastille Linux and the...

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