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Documenting and reporting is a key part of red teaming and generally the part we all look forward to the least. Compared to the rest of the work we do it’s not the most fun and and exciting. Teams generally solve this with ad hoc solutions for note taking, recording and sharing screenshots, and collecting other evidence but these solutions rarely scale. As teams grow and scope expands these are not always easily shared and typically require manual steps to manage. Having to dig through a pile of evidence after an operation to find the one screenshot you need, if you even have it, can be time intensive and cumbersome. ASHIRT solves this by serving as a non-intrusive, automatic when possible, way to capture, index, and provide search over a centralized synchronization point of high fidelity data from all your evidence sources during an operation.

Joe is a member of the Red Team at Verizon Media where he plots world domination and builds offensive tooling. He has a passion for reverse engineering, exploitation, teaching, and sharing research with others. He is the undisputed champion of the Brawndo and Booze competition from DEFCONs past with his...

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